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Acoustic Wave Therapy In Cincinnati, OH

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European shockwave treatment can lead you to a healthier, stronger erection.

If you or your loved one is noticing early signs of erectile dysfunction, such as having trouble keeping an erection or taking ED medications, acoustic wave treatment may be for you. At Proactive Men’s Medical, we offer acoustic wave therapy as an effective, non-invasive treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Men can experience a lowered level of testosterone prematurely, during their 20’s and 30’s, which can lead to a number of sexual health issues. With testosterone therapy, men can see an increase in sexual desire, as well as reduce the symptoms of other sexual health problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

For many men, one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is the lack of blood flow to the penis. Blood gives the penis rigidity and firmness when erect. However, if there’s a problem with the blood flow to the penis, this can lead to a weaker erection. Acoustic wave therapy uses low-intensity acoustic waves to trigger a process called neovascularization in the penis. Neovascularization is when new blood vessels form naturally and help improve blood flow to the erect penis to help with firmness and more spontaneous erections.

Enjoy Long-Term Results and Improved Sexual Performance

Performed by highly-trained medical providers at Proactive Men’s Medical, acoustic wave treatment is an all-natural and clinically proven ED treatment that uses low-intensity shockwaves to enhance male sexual function and performance. At Proactive Men’s Medical, our team of medical providers has years of experience practicing men’s health and wellness. Our medical solutions are individualized for each patient, meaning we’re committed to helping you find a treatment plan that fits your needs.

To learn more about the benefits of acoustic wave therapy, or to schedule a private consultation with the medical professionals at our Cincinnati, OH clinic professionals, give us a call today at (877) 644-5147

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