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Does Sex Boost Testosterone Levels?

Does Sex Boost Testosterone Levels

In our battle against aging, our bodies’ organ systems start to lose their efficiency, making us more susceptible to acquiring diseases.

These health conditions can come in the form of sexual dysfunction, like decreasing testosterone levels.

One myth that gets passed around is how having sex can reverse low testosterone levels.

But is there truth behind that claim? Does sex really boost testosterone levels?

Research for this topic is mixed. While there are some studies claiming that sex can boost testosterone levels, other studies pointed out that there is little connection between the two.

If your sole aim is to improve your testosterone levels, you’re in luck. There are many remedies you can apply to your daily routine to boost T levels naturally.

Nevertheless, let’s look into how sex and testosterone are connected.

Health Benefits of Sex

Aside from the notion that sex increases testosterone levels, there are many reasons why this activity is good for you.

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy from having sex frequently.

  1. Helps keep your immune health healthy.
  2. Lowers your blood pressure.
  3. Lessens stress.
  4. Makes you sleep better.
  5. Decreases the risk of prostate cancer.
  6. Improves partner intimacy.

What is Testosterone Deficiency?

Testosterone deficiency occurs when the testes can’t produce enough free or serum testosterone, the primary sex hormone in males, to meet the body’s needs.

This impaired sexual function can manifest in multiple ways. Some of the most common symptoms of low testosterone levels in men include:

If left untreated, having low testosterone levels can have serious, long-term effects.

Aside from the lowered sexual desire, testosterone deficiency may also lead to brittle bones and osteoporosis later in life. It may also accelerate diminished cognitive function in men.

If you have symptoms of low testosterone, consider consulting a men’s clinic for low-t treatment from a doctor.

Sex and Testosterone Levels – The Connection

Various studies tried to find an association between T levels and human sexual activity, many with mixed results.

In one study with 60 participants, no evidence suggested a relationship between testosterone and sexual activity.

In another study that determined sexual arousal in males, nine healthy men were shown two separate films—a neutral movie and an erotic movie. The study has shown that testosterone levels spiked in the males 10 minutes after watching the erotic movie, from 640 ng/dL to 727 ng/dL.

The aforementioned study proves that there is indeed a connection to sexual arousal in short-term testosterone levels. However, it’s natural for T levels to fluctuate throughout the day, and there’s little evidence in that study to suggest whether arousal can improve T levels in the long term.

A separate study looked at two groups of men: those who watched and those who participated in a sex club in the United States. Salivary testosterone levels of men who watched increased by 36%, while the levels of those who participated increased by 76%.

This proves that testosterone levels increased in those who acted on their sexual desires compared to those who were just visually stimulated. In addition, the 2010 study also criticized the past studies that had mixed results due to their unnatural lab-based settings and invasive blood collection techniques.

While there’s a lot of scientific discussion about the connection between sex and testosterone levels, there’s no consensus.

Hence, if you’re looking to improve your testosterone levels through clinically approved methods, consider the following remedies below.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

natural and medical ways to boost testosterone levels

If you have low testosterone levels, here are some natural ways to boost your serum testosterone level at home.

1. Eat Healthy Fats

According to research, eating healthy fats is important for boosting testosterone levels. This is because it improves HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels in the body while simultaneously decreasing triglyceride levels.

Some healthy food examples include olive oil, coconut oil, and avocados.

2. Consume Enough Protein

Research suggests that getting enough protein in your diet is a net positive for testosterone production. Protein is essential for building muscle, and muscles are a major player in testosterone production.

Some good sources of protein include:

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fish
  • Egg whites

3. Lift Weights

Lifting weights has a positive effect on testosterone levels, and it’s one of the most effective ways to naturally boost testosterone levels. This is particularly important because low testosterone causes muscle mass. A research papereven stated that obese men benefited more from undergoing rigorous physical activity than doing a weight loss diet.

Strength training, whether machine-based or with barbells, helps in increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat.

4. Get Quality Sleep

In one study, a 5-hour sleeping routine is associated with a testosterone decline of 15%. Another long-term studydiscovered that 4-hour sleep schedules have been linked to testosterone deficiency.

If you’re looking to improve reduced sexual function, having plenty of sleep is important. Aim for at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

Medical Treatments for Boosting Testosterone

If you can’t boost T levels on your own, contact a doctor. They may prescribe the following treatment plans below to improve your sex life.

1. Shockwave Therapy

The shockwave therapy method uses high-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis and stimulate testosterone production.

It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require any drugs or surgery and is deemed by doctors as a safe and effective method for treating sexual dysfunction.

2. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

Testosterone therapy is a form of hormone replacement therapy that involves the administration of testosterone to men with low testosterone levels.

It can be delivered in several ways, including injections, patches, and gels and is administered by a doctor after a medical diagnosis and review of current T levels.

Contact Cincinnati’s Top Men’s Health Clinic for a Low Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment Options

Contact Cincinnati’s Top Men’s Health Clinic for a Low Testosterone Diagnosis and Treatment Options

When it comes to boosting testosterone levels, engaging in sexual behavior can help, but it’s not the most sustainable solution.

Instead, experts recommend a combination of a good diet, plenty of sleep, and a solid exercise routine to help naturally improve your testosterone levels.

Making these lifestyle changes, along with clinical procedures like shockwave therapy or testosterone replacement therapy can support improving your T levels over the long term.

Need medical assistance? Contact a doctor at Proactive Men’s Medical Center in Cincinnati today for a consultation.We treat the underlying issues that led to conditions such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and more. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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