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How To Do the Squeeze Technique to Fight PE

squeeze technique to stop premature ejaculation

If you’re like most men, then it’s likely that for as long as you have been interested in sex, you’ve been just as concerned about, let’s say, coming to fruition more quickly than either you or your partner would prefer.

One might even say it’s a fear that is as popular as American Pie—meaning the film that memorably lampooned the topic to great effect in the late 90s. Of course, comedic depictions of premature ejaculation in popular culture probably do more harm than good.

The truth is, PE isn’t just some minor annoyance or comedic relief. For many men, it’s a legitimate struggle; one that is rather widespread, as estimates peg around 30% of the male population across the world has in the past or regularly experienced PE.

However, premature ejaculation isn’t permanent. This sexual dysfunction can be due to individual biology, aging, or even medical conditions. Needless to say, for chronic sufferers, it’s no laughing matter and may even cause some men sexual performance anxiety.

Fortunately, there are a great many options for treating premature ejaculation, including numbing creams, desensitizing sprays, and sex therapy. All of these are worthwhile pursuits in their own way, but some men prefer to take things into their own hands—literally—in an easy and efficient manner.

Enter: the squeeze technique. You may also know it as any or all of the following techniques related to premature ejaculation:

  • The squeeze method
  • The stop and squeeze
  • The pause and squeeze method
  • Edging

In any case, these all refer to the same practice. It’s easy, free, and doesn’t require any special tools other than your hand and a modicum of self-control.

While many men talk up this technique’s effectiveness, it must be noted that your results may vary. That said, if you are unfamiliar with the squeeze technique, but willing to try just about anything to combat PE, read on.

Where The Squeeze Technique Comes From

While chances are the squeeze technique has been floating around bedrooms for centuries in some form or another, it didn’t really reach more mainstream recognition until the pioneers of modern sex therapy themselves introduced it over the course of their work throughout the 1950s.

Much of the academic works of William Masters and Virginia Johnson was focused on helping individuals and couples across America identify and potentially overcome common sexual dysfunctions. Perhaps their most widely-adopted contribution has been none other than the squeeze technique.

If we’re still relying on it more than six decades later, there must be something to it.

How The Premature Ejaculation Squeeze Technique Works

how to last longer masturbating squeeze technique

The concept behind the squeeze technique is simple enough to wrap your head—or rather, your hand—around. As you recognize yourself approaching climax, pause and apply pressure to the frenulum; the section of your penis where the head meets the shaft.

Squeezing at the right place and at the right time can prevent ejaculate from leaving the body. In essence, you’re slowing off the urethra. The end result is the avoidance of an orgasm, and the prolonging of intercourse.

However, don’t mistake the straightforward nature of the concept to mean this is an easy habit to get right. Fortunately, you are free to practice as many times as is necessary to feel comfortable. In fact, it’s highly recommended you give this a shot at least once on your own before rolling out your new play during the big game.

How to Do the Squeeze Technique to Last Longer

If you have the self-discipline required, the squeeze technique can be mastered relatively quickly. When it comes to practicing, there are only four steps which need to be followed:

  1. Step one is simple enough: begin by stimulating yourself until you are erect.
  2. Next, locate the frenulum. Place your forefinger on the underside of the head, just as it meets the shaft. Place your thumb on the top side directly opposite it.
  3. Now apply light pressure by bringing your thumb and forefinger toward each other and squeezing your penis.
  4. Begin applying more and more pressure with your squeezes. You’re trying to gauge how much pressure is necessary to stop the flow of ejaculate without it turning painful.

Once you’ve tried this a few times, implement it while masturbating and following this final three step process:

  1. Note when you start getting close to climax.
  2. Stop and place your hand in the correct position and squeeze for approximately 5 seconds.
  3. Pause and wait 30 seconds before resuming.

Repeat this technique as many times as is necessary to get comfortable with your unique timing and personal feeling. Don’t be disappointed if it takes a few times to get it right, either. That’s why they call it practice.

Does The Squeeze Technique Work?

So, what’s the verdict on the squeeze technique? Does it actually work?

While the squeeze technique is often found to be helpful in conjunction with medical PE therapy, there isn’t a lot of scientific research either in support or against the squeeze technique. A systematic review conducted in 2015 found mixed results, which led the authors to conclude that it does show at least some effectiveness in treating PE.

Consult a Premature Ejaculation Specialist for a Diagnosis and Treatment Options

consult medical professional premature ejaculation PE technique

Gaining control over your premature ejaculation doesn’t have to be limited to a single technique. In fact, potential causes behind PE can vary widely, which is probably why a single one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist. A thorough consultation with your doctor regarding your testosterone levels, healthy habits, and sexual activity is necessary for comprehensive treatment.

The men’s health experts at Proactive Men’s Medical Center in Cincinnati are trusted experts in male sexual health and can help you reclaim you sex life and treat premature ejaculation issues. Contact us today to set an appointment.

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