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How to Increase Nitric Oxide & NO Sexual Health Benefits

How to Increase Nitric Oxide NO Sexual Health Benefits

Did you know? Your body is a vast and complex system of molecules working together to sustain life. Every single cell, no matter how small, plays an important role in the overall system. One of the key players in the realm of blood circulation is nitric oxide.

Nitric oxide (NO) plays a crucial role in transporting nutrients and blood to various organs in the body. This key molecule is one of the body’s most important vasodilators—a molecule that widens the blood vessels to increase blood flow volume.

A healthy flow of blood is essential for the healthy functioning of organs throughout the body. For instance, it helps promote faster healing for muscle soreness and also helps keep your brain sharp. It’s also a signaling molecule that boosts immunity and nervous system responses.

Furthermore, a high nitric oxide bioavailability also translates to better sexual health and performance. It’s in the best interest of men to increase their nitric oxide levels for that reason, among many more.

Let’s look into the various benefits NO provides to the body, as well as touch on ways to increase nitric oxide levels in the body.

The Sexual Benefits of High Levels of Nitric Oxide

Having healthy levels of nitric oxide can provide a person with several sexual benefits.

Here are some ways nitric oxide can benefit one’s sexual health and performance.

  1. Helps improve blood flow: A penis needs a steady flow of blood for an erection to be achieved. NO directly affects this by widening blood vessels to allow more blood to enter the erectile tissues, helping people with physiological ED to gain firm erections.
  2. Increases desire for sex: Aged individuals and people with health problems find it harder to be sexually aroused than healthy and younger people. Nitric oxide supplements like l-citrulline can boost nitric oxide in the body and normalize libido levels.
  3. Reduces frequency of premature ejaculation: One Andrologia study reported that people with a low frequency of nitric oxide synthesis are more likely to experience premature ejaculation than those with healthy levels. Therefore, NO can help reduce the risk of ejaculatory issues.
  4. Increases testosterone levels: Another study has reported that nitric oxide and testosterone work hand-in-hand to induce erections by way of nitric oxide synthase. Having steady levels of NO allows the body to utilize free, bioavailable testosterone and allows the body to reap the benefits of healthy testosterone levels, such as improved muscle mass and other boosts in male characteristics.
  5. Improves sexual stamina: Nitric oxide enhances endurance and stamina because of its ability to bring blood and oxygen to various parts of the body. This reaches the sexual organs and the heart, giving you the energy stores to satiate your sexual desires to your best extent.
  6. Supports health at large: NO benefits the entire body system—from your brain and heart to your tissues and bones. This means it can reduce the chance of chronic health diseases like high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes from afflicting you. These conditions are some of many that can interfere with sexual function, so preventing them by improving NO levels is a good call.

Signs of Impaired Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide deficiency is common among the elderly population, but it can affect anyone. The reason why it affects older people more is because the body is unable to produce as much nitric oxide naturally due to the aging process.

If you’re afflicted by NO deficiency, you can look into supplements like the amino acid l-arginine supplement to boost nitric oxide levels.

But first, it’s important to look at the signs that your production of nitric oxide is impaired. Your body may show the following symptoms:

  • Chronic depression
  • Hypertension
  • Fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Elevated blood sugar
  • Narrow blood vessels
  • Muscle soreness
  • Slow wound healing
  • Erectile dysfunction

To ensure you’re not dealing with any other condition (as symptoms can overlap), consider talking to a medical professional to discuss the top male health issues which may help to diagnose your condition.

How to Increase Nitric Oxide

How to Increase Nitric Oxide

Looking to boost nitric oxide production in the body? Besides clinical treatment, there are many ways to improve nitric oxide synthase activity.

Let’s look into three of the best ways to increase NO2 levels.

1. Eat Nitrate-Rich Vegetables

Dietary nitrate is found in many of your everyday greens, including spinach, lettuce, cress, and arugula.

The body converts nitrate to nitrogen oxide, so don’t skip out on these vegetables on your plate.

Furthermore, these dietary nitrates can also lower blood pressure, which can help keep your blood circulating healthily around your body.

2. Eat Food Rich in Antioxidants

Nitric oxide needs to be constantly replenished as it reacts and disintegrates in the bloodstream quite frequently. And the best way to replenish stores of nitric oxide is to eat the right nutrients.

Typically, food rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, glutathione, and polyphenols is highly effective in helping the body maintain nitric oxide levels. Food categories rich in these nutrients include fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains.

3. Exercise Regularly

One of the biggest harms of untreated NO deficiency is the degradation of the endothelial cells lining the bloodstream. This condition, known as endothelial dysfunction, can increase the risk of different types of heart diseases.

To combat this problem, it’s important to go for regular cardiovascular exercises, such as jogging and swimming. These activities can help your body preserve its cell health, as well as build the right environment to increase nitric oxide production.

Get Medical Support at Cincinnati, Ohio’s Top Male Health Clinic

Get Medical Support at Cincinnati Ohio’s Top Male Health Clinic

Nitric oxide is an essential molecule that plays many important functions in the body. It’s also susceptible to decreasing as a person goes through the aging process, wreaking havoc on one’s health along the way.

To mitigate the harmful effects of NO deficiency, it’s important to follow the right lifestyle and undergo the right treatment. The medical professionals at Proactive Men’s Medical Center can help you create a tailor-fit plan to minimize the harmful effects of NO deficiency and more.

Furthermore, they also offer a healthy catalog of treatment options, including (but not limited to): ED treatment, low testosterone therapy, adrenal fatigue therapy, RestoreWave therapy and more.

Ready to take the next step to boost your health? Schedule an appointment with us today, your initial consultation and first treatment are completely free.

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