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8 Libido Boosters That Work for Men

Libido Boosters That Work for Men

A loving partner would do anything to please their significant other. But if your body and sexual organs fail to cooperate with you, satisfying your partner may feel more like a chore than something mutually pleasurable.

This is especially true if you have sexual dysfunction conditions like hypogonadism or erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction often have low libido. People with hypogonadism, or low testosterone, are also prone to facing the same dilemma.

Fortunately, certain foods, pills, techniques, and lifestyle changes can help you regain your libido. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to note that not all libido boosters are safe, so you’ll have to be choosy to ensure that you’re picking the right treatment for you.

For instance, even though ED medications like Viagra and Levitra exist, they simply aid in facilitating erections when you’re already in the mood. They have no direct effect on your sexual arousal, especially if you’re not mentally aroused in the first place.

Let’s learn more about how libido works, as well as the best libido booster for men.

What is Libido and Why Does It Decline?

The word “libido” basically refers to sex drive or sexual desire. While your age is a large contributor to your libido levels, low libido can also be attributed to other health factors such as your sleeping habits, medications, nutrition, and mental state.

Sexual dysfunction can also cause you to shy away from sexual activity. This is especially true if you’re psychologically unable to perform, have low testosterone levels, or if you’re experiencing pain during intercourse.

It’s easy to tell when you’re not feeling in the mood for sex. But if you’re looking for accompanying symptoms of reduced libido, here are a few of them:

  • Weight gain due to fat accumulation
  • Lower energy levels
  • Depression
  • Lack of concentration
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Lack of memory
  • Mood swings

Another important to consider is that not everyone has the same sex drive. Some might like sex once a week, while others do it more frequently. So, don’t be alarmed if there are a few dry spells in your life.

If you feel uninterested in sex or are suffering from bad sexual performance, consider getting male health treatment from reputable health practitioners.

8 Male Libido Boosters to Consider

ED pills therapy herbs psychotherapy fruit foreplay sleep weight boost libido

The word “libido booster” refers to a broad range of male enhancement pills, libido-booster supplements, and lifestyle factors that can increase your desire for sex.

Before taking any pills, it’s crucial to research their manufacturer and their level of effectiveness. Although many of these medications are approved by government bodies, dubious products may contain hidden risks that could be hazardous to your health.

Consult a doctor to know whether your treatment plan is safe and effective.

Without further ado, here are the best libido boosters to improve erectile function.

1. ED Pills or Therapy

Erectile dysfunction symptoms can be reduced with the use of ED medications like Viagra. However, this male libido booster is not meant for everyone.

ED pills pose significant health risks that may interfere with your sex drive, including:

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Upset stomach
  • Vision problems
  • Diarrhea

On top of that, these pills may interact negatively with other medications such as blood pressure medications.

If you want to tread on the safe side, be sure to consult with an erectile dysfunction doctor first as a treatment plan that targets the underlying causes of dysfunction will support a longer term solution.

2. Natural Herbs

Herbs are an effective and natural way to raise your libido. A few herbs that help with sexual dysfunction include:

  • Panax Ginseng: Ginseng can also aid low libido and improve sexual function
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Helps raise libido in postmenopausal women
  • Maca: In a study, about 42% of men who took maca reported an increased sex drive
  • Yohimbine Extract: Yohimbe bark can help you maintain an erection, as per a recent study
  • Garlic: Contains allicin, which acts as a vasodilator

Most of these herbs act as vasodilators, which help increase blood flow throughout your body. However, consider speaking to your doctor before going this route, as exceeding the recommended dosage may be harmful.

3. Psychotherapy

Anxiety and stress are heavily associated with sex drive. The fear of being unable to satisfy your partner sexually is called performance anxiety and is one of the most common psychological hurdles in men.

If you’re struggling with this, therapy can help. A therapist will help you understand the root of your sexual anxiety and work on coping mechanisms to help you get through it.

4. Alcohol Abstinence

You may want to believe that liquid courage can help you perform better in bed. Unfortunately, it is, in fact, the opposite.

Drinking too much alcohol before sex can impair your ability to perform by slowing down your brain’s nerve signals and the body’s blood circulation, which further affects your ability to achieve an erection.

As such, limit yourself to one or two glasses of wine at most. Or better yet, lay off the drink altogether.

5. Fruit-Filled Diet

Fruits are one way to boost your libido with absolutely no side effects. Not only are they healthy, but they’re also delicious and easy to add to any diet.

Watermelon, for example, has a high concentration of citrulline. This amino acid helps promote nitric oxide metabolism, which is crucial for achieving an erection.

Other fruits that can help libido include figs, bananas, and avocados. These fruits provide a slew of vitamins and minerals, all of which can help promote the healthy function of blood vessels.

6. Foreplay

A good session of foreplay will lead to great sex. Touching, kissing, and oral sex can enhance your sex drive.

According to research, only 18% of women orgasm with penetrative sex alone. In contrast, 33.6% require stimulation of the clitoris to achieve an orgasm.

So if you’re the type of partner to gain interest based off of your partner’s pleasure, make sure to pay extra attention to foreplay.

7. Quality Sleep

In a a recent study, 73.4% revealed that sleep disturbance was a major problem disrupting sex drive.

Quality sleep can raise your libido and keep you energetic and aroused longer as well. Sleep can also influence a person’s overall mood, which can be beneficial to your sex life.

8. Manage BMI and Weight

Obesity can indirectly affect your sex drive, among a slew of other health risks for overall male health issues.

Exercising often and limiting your food intake can do wonders for your sexual health. As such, make it a habit to help keep your libido up.

Regain Your Sexual Vitality with Medical Guidance from Cincinnati’s Top Men’s Clinic

Regain Your Sexual Vitality with Medical Guidance from Cincinnati’s Top Men’s Clinic

Managing your sex drive is essential for a successful relationship. You may not want to have sex every day, but you’ll want to have it often enough for both you and your partner to be happy.

There are many ways to manage your sex drive. Some people may need medication to get their fill, while others will benefit from a few lifestyle changes.

Sexual dysfunction may be difficult to manage, but it’s not impossible. If you need medical assistance, contact a men’s health specialist for a diagnosis and breakthrough treatment plans to help you restore your passion for sex.

You can overcome sexual health conditions with various other methods and men’s health treatments recommended by health practitioners at Cincinnati’s Proactive Men’s Medical Center. This includes ED therapy, acoustic wave therapy, testosterone treatment, and adrenal fatigue treatment. Don’t miss out on any opportunities you can find to get the proper treatment and achieve a happy and fulfilling sex life.

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