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Sex Headaches: Causes and Diagnosis for Headaches After Sex

Sex Headaches Causes and Diagnosis for Orgasm Headache After Sex

Right as you’re about to reach an orgasm, a throbbing and painful ache radiates in your head moments before the great release.

The pain seems to occur out of the blue. But you’ve noticed a pattern: it gets more intense as your sexual satisfaction builds up.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a sex headache. And surprisingly, sex headaches are far more common than you think.

Affecting 1 to 6% of the general population, a sex headache is a migraine that happens right at the heat of sex.

These sex headaches can happen both before reaching a climax and the moment of the peak.

Most people experiencing sex headaches usually don’t feel any accompanying symptoms. These types are relatively harmless and don’t need clinical care or treatment—although clinical supervision wouldn’t hurt either.

However, some accompanying symptoms could be a sign of something more harmful to your health if left untreated.

In this article, we’ll touch on what a sex headache feels like, its causes, risk factors, and appropriate treatment options.

What Does a Sex Headache Feel Like?

There are two types of sex headaches: one that happens during sexual activity (pre-orgasm) and one that happens during an orgasm.

Depending on the type, you can be experiencing a different range of symptoms.

Sexual Benign Headache

The first type of sex headache is a sexual benign headache. As you move during sex, blood pressure increases in the body, causing this type of headache to occur.

Also referred to as “preorgasmic headache”, this type of headache becomes worse as you get more excited during sexual activity. It may also be accompanied by symptoms of migraines, such as:

  • Nausea
  • Light sensitivity
  • Sound sensitivity

The discomfort begins in the neck and eventually spreads across the head.

A sexual benign headache is usually short-lived, fading away after thirty minutes to 3 hours.

Orgasm Headache

The second type of sex headache is an orgasm headache. This type of headache is felt at the jaw, neck, and head and only starts as soon as you reach an orgasm. The pain can sometimes be intense and sudden.

Unlike sexual benign headaches, orgasm headaches aren’t influenced by blood pressure or light and sound. This type of headache can last for days at a time, and patients can suffer a chronic case of it for up to six months.

According to research, about half of all sex headache cases occur within six months.

Causes and Risk Factors of Sex Headaches

A pre-orgasmic headache, according to the American Migraine Foundation, is part of a category dubbed as primary headache disorders. This means that it occurs upon arousal and isn’t caused by an underlying disorder.

However, there are rare cases wherein sexual benign headaches become a sign of something serious. This includes pre-cursor signs of a stroke or hemorrhaging in the brain.

Orgasmic headaches occur because of a need for increased blood flow to the penis associated with sexual activity. This spike in blood pressure causes blood vessels to dilate. People who are overweight are at higher risk of getting headaches during times of sexual excitement.

A genetic predisposition towards acquiring an orgasm headache may also be to blame. It’s best to get checked by a doctor for a proper evaluation, especially if you have a family history of this disease.

How to Get a Sex Headache Diagnosis

severe headache when reaching climax prevent and treat

To get started, your primary care doctor or a general practitioner can help. If you have more complex headaches, you might need to see a headache specialist.

To diagnose your headache, your doctor will likely:

  • Review your medical history
  • Ask about the frequency and severity of your headaches
  • Ask you to describe your symptoms
  • Perform a series of physical and neurological exams
  • Order blood tests or imaging studies

The most common types of tests that patients may have to undergo include CT and MRI scans. These scans can help to rule out other potential causes of headaches, such as a brain tumor.

A CT angiography, cerebral angiogram, and spinal tap may also be considered to rule out any other health issues.

In some cases, your doctor may also recommend that you keep a headache diary. This can help to track your headache patterns and triggers.

Based on this information, your doctor will be able to rule out other conditions and make a diagnosis.

How to Prevent Sex Headaches

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Oftentimes, these headaches may disappear on their own too.

However, some actions you can take today can help prevent sex headaches.

These home remedies include:

  1. Staying hydrated
  2. Eating a healthy diet
  3. Losing excess weight
  4. Quitting smoking
  5. Exercising regularly
  6. Managing stress
  7. Getting enough sleep
  8. Limiting alcohol consumption

By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be less at risk of developing debilitating sexual health conditions, whether it’s a dull pain or a severe headache.

Treatment for Sex Headaches

If you suffer from frequent headaches, there are clinically-approved treatments that may help to prevent them.

These include:

Oral Medications

Studies show that beta-blockers and anti-inflammatory medication can help lessen the pain of these headaches.

Indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication, can remedy a throbbing headache. You’ll need a prescription.

Beta-blockers like propranolol and metoprolol may also aid in lowering blood pressure. You’ll need a prescription.

OTC medication like ibuprofen may also provide short-term relief from these headaches.

Treatment of Underlying Causes

If your headache is a product of underlying health conditions, doctors may recommend that you undergo specific treatment options that tackle the root of the issue.

This may include surgical procedures, specific medications, and other non-invasive treatment options.

Contact Cincinnati’s Leading Men’s Health Clinic for a Sexual Health Consultation

Contact Cincinnati’s Leading Men’s Health Clinic for a Sexual Health Consultation

Whether you’re experiencing a dull ache or severe throbbing head pain, sex headaches are never something to look forward to.

Not only can it be debilitating in the moment, but it can also affect the quality of your sex life drastically.

Fortunately, there are ways you can heal from this disease that doesn’t involve just sitting around and waiting.

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