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Learn About Hormone Treatments: Common Questions and Concerns About HGH Therapy

Hormone therapy is a treatment typically used to assist in relieving symptoms associated with men’s sexual health. As with any procedure provided to a patient, hormone therapy does have a level of risk.

Men who are considering hormone therapy treatment should learn more about what is to be expected, as well as how the process works, and whether there are side effects. Below are a few questions that we often see involving hormone therapy, so you can have a better understanding of this treatment.

Can I Schedule a Consult for Hormone Therapy Over the Telephone?

While using the telephone to complete a consultation would be more convenient for some, we suggest that men considering hormone therapy visit our clinic in-person before treatment can begin. With a face-to-face meeting, we can begin to build a relationship with each patient, learning more about your overall health. We can provide a thorough evaluation and determine what is affecting your body, be it premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction, and assessing if hormone therapy will be the right treatment type for you.

If I Undergo Hormone Therapy, Will I Need to See a Doctor?

At Proactive Men’s Medical Center, the safety of men who visit us is a top priority. We require that men see our physicians for a physical exam and undergo certain required testing before treatments can be prescribed. This helps to create the perfect therapy program for every patient on an individual basis.

After Visiting the Doctor, Will I be Qualified for Treatment?

Just visiting a physician is not enough. At Proactive Men’s Medical Center, we have to ensure that every man seeking treatment is doing so for medical purposes and no conflicts will arise with other treatments the patient may need. Most patients will qualify for treatment, but current treatments for medical conditions must be evaluated first and considered before a patient is considered a candidate.

How Safe is Hormone Therapy?

If hormone therapy is provided in the correct manner, it is a safe procedure for patients. Hormone therapy can be a valuable tool to help men enjoy their life. At Proactive Men’s Medical Center, we monitor our patients closely to ensure that every patient is doing well with their treatment.

What are the Side Effects?

Every treatment has its share of side effects. At our office, we minimize the side effects of hormone therapy by prescribing doses that are identical to natural hormone levels in healthy men. We work to mimic the levels of hormones for a man’s body that should normally occur to avoid any unwanted side effects.

When Should Hormone Therapy be Considered by Men?

Every individual is different, but for the most part, men will experience a decrease in testosterone at 35 or older. At first, the lowered level will be barely noticed, but over time, symptoms will occur.

What is the First Step to Beginning Hormone Therapy treatment at Proactive Men’s Medical Center?

To begin, call our office or fill out our contact form. We will help you get scheduled for a consultation to learn more about hormone therapy and the services we provided.

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