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As men get older, their bodies tend to experience a decrease in testosterone levels. It is entirely natural for the human body to produce less-and-less testosterone over the years as an individual grows older.

Men can experience a lowered level of testosterone prematurely, during their 20’s and 30’s, which can lead to a number of sexual health issues. With testosterone therapy, men can see an increase in sexual desire, as well as reduce the symptoms of other sexual health problems, such as erectile dysfunction.

What is a Testosterone Deficiency?

A deficiency of testosterone does not produce a singular symptom that alerts the individual of the issue. Many men suffering from low testosterone already have symptoms, but do not understand that the issue is caused by a hormone deficiency. Symptoms often vary, and the severity of the symptoms entirely dependent on the individual. It can be challenging to diagnose low testosterone without comprehensive testing by a medical provider specializing in men’s sexual health.

Below are a few examples of symptoms that men can look for regarding testosterone issues:

  • Decrease in Sex Drive. One of the more common symptoms of testosterone deficiency is a diminishing sex drive. If you are over the age of 35 and notice a considerable drop in your desire for sex, consult with our physicians to see if it is caused by a premature testosterone deficiency.
  • Hair Loss. Another sign of testosterone issues is hair loss and balding. If you suddenly begin to notice hair falling out or a reduction in your hairline, it could be due to lowered levels of testosterone.
  • Muscle Tone is Diminishing. Higher testosterone levels are directly linked with the body’s ability to build and maintain larger and stronger muscles. For those suffering from low-t, it is common to experience muscle loss and weakness.
  • Gaining Weight. Men gain weight for a wide variety of reasons, but lowered testosterone may be the culprit. If you experience sudden weight gain, consult a physician who can explore a possible link to testosterone levels.
  • Psychological and Mood Issues. If you have depression, feel lethargic, have trouble concentrating, find yourself easily irritated, or suffer from mood swings, you may have a lowered level of testosterone in the body.
  • Trouble Achieving or Maintaining an Erection. One of the most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is reduced testosterone levels.

Low Testosterone Diagnosis

The symptoms listed above can be associated with a number of conditions. Men who have more than one of the above symptoms should consult with our physicians at Proactive Men’s Medical Center of Cincinnati. Tests can be completed to determine the cause of your symptoms. If a testosterone deficiency is found, treatment options will be discussed.

Because everyone is different, the treatment plan we provide is based on the individual. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We focus on offering treatment for the individual based on their symptoms, medical history, and current testing. Testosterone therapy may be a solution that works well for you, or another option may be needed.

In many men, testosterone therapy is the right solution for low testosterone levels. With a testosterone treatment, sex drive comes back, energy is provided, and overall, men feel better. Low testosterone can be the culprit, so by boosting your testosterone, we can help to alleviate the issues you may be experiencing, such as ED and lowered sex drive.

If you suffer from symptoms often associated with low testosterone, contact our office for a consultation, and our experienced physicians will work with you to develop a treatment plan that addresses all of your sexual health concerns.

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